What’s the most effective way to control weeds?

Controlling weeds is a major concern among home owners and one we frequently hear. Most people ask what chemical to use or what weed and feed they should try and while these do work and are a weapon you can use, they are not the first line of defense for your lawn. So what is the biggest things you can do to keep weeds from popping their ugly heads? Keeping your lawn full and healthy and proper mowing! Mowing to the recommended height is vital to the health of your lawn and keeping weeds from re-seeding themselves. It also helps to promote a thick lawn, which also helps to choke out the weeds. Another part of keeping a lawn healthy is following the recommended fertilization requirements for the type of grass you have. Making sure you are not over or under fertilizing is an important step in maintaining a healthy turf. Keep your lawn cut and healthy and you will notice you need less chemicals to keep your yard looking good and weed-free!